'Fragile Things' Collection By Hellavagirl

After receiving attention in British Vogues Graduate Fashion highlight report, documenting the very best of emerging talent gracing the runway that year. Helen Woollams was one of three London College of Fashion alumni to be mentioned with the report stating that these notable designers produced “strong ideas for the future”. With over 15 years of fine art and design experience Helen Woollams founded Hellavagirl in 2011. Most recently being awarded Britain's Top Designer 2016 and with internationally published collections the past five years has been a momentous testament to all the hard-work, the exploration of vision and successful lines to date. Helens innovate, creative design process are the bones of the brand. Often cutting straight into cloth. Helen’s creations are born and developed organically after the feel of the collection is set. 

Fragile Things is a collection inspired by the fragility of life, a fear of death and overwhelming sensibility. The collection depicts the journey through a misplaced soul, the delicate feelings of someone or something controlled by their inner anxieties and the perpetual battle against oneself to survive and continue with strength. Hellavagirl designer Helen Woollams drew continual influence from Plath and the obsession she found in old diary entries.

Fragile Things continued to grow in strength throughout it’s natural evolution, similar to the heroine in our story. The garments are designed to mimic the disparity of our ongoing concept, the harsh structure of everyday life and the natural fluidity of our undisciplined emotions

All images: Magic Owen