Visual Atelier 8 is an award-winning publishing platform that empowers creatives and innovators. Quality, creativity and innovation are the key elements that ensure our authenticity. Visual Atelier 8 recognises the viable authority of technology as integral to facilitating the many endeavours of humanity. Embracing its ever-thriving presence, we endorse the progressive potential for which technology occupies in reducing consumerism while furthering mankind. We seek to examine how people expand creative methods through an active blend of invention to evolve the future.

Within our Journal module, researched articles on the work of artists and visionaries are accessible for intellectual, audible, and visual exploration. Sections include Art, Tech, Design, Fashion, Music, and Interviews.

Within our Creative Atelier module, worldwide talents integrate technology and art to craft immersive and original formats of visual media. Services include Digital Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Creative & Art Direction, Custom Art & Illustration, Live Visuals, Experiential Design.