Visual Art by Roy Nachum

Roy Nachum is a painter, sculptor and installation artist, experimenting with human perception, and exploring the boundaries between the visual and the non-visual. He sees his work as an “eye opener”, a vehicle to allow viewers to explore their own existential apprehensions.

The works of Nachum test the viewer’s inner vision and examine if “what we see is what we think we see”. He has experimented with his own sight by wearing a blindfold for a full week. “Sometimes in order to see, you need to close your eyes”.

In a recent series Nachum has experimented with Braille. In these paintings, he builds up the surface of the canvas with sculpted paint squares. He encourages people to touch and interact with the work, convinced that human interaction keeps the work alive and breaks the barrier between viewer and the “sacred object”.

He often paints subjects, whose vision is obscured. An example is the recurring image of a child with his eyes covered by a gold crown, representing man’s blindness caused by misplaced values and desire. Subjects are often painted in multiple, intersecting views, expressing that the “truth” is in the eye of the beholder.

“When I paint I don’t think about what I see, I think about life. I start a painting and I leave the viewer to complete it. I believe that the power of art is communication, my art is an extension of my being.”

Nachum’s most radical work to date is his Fire series. These experimental paintings are collaborative works executed with the participation of people who are blind. Each solid canvas textured with Braille has a frame that Nachum has burnt to charcoal. As his unsighted collaborators ran their fingers from burnt frame to painted Braille, evidence of the actual physical contact left a trail of “painterly” marks. The messages and poems in Braille relief are intended to evoke sensations in the blind “viewer” or participant parallel to those felt experiencing a painting through sight.

“Art is about connecting human beings with the world, with life, with myself, with art. I want to give a sense of involvement to the viewer, and art allows me to communicate with the world. Its not about what I have created, its about how viewers complete it through their experience or interaction.”

Roy Nachum exhibits internationally and is presently living and working in New York City.

Courtesy: Roy Nachum