Daisy Balloon by Rie Hosokai and Takashi Kawada

Japanese designer Rie Hosokai has a fascination with a unique fabric material: balloons. Together with art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada, the collective known as "Daisy Balloon" have successfully turned "knitting" balloons into a sophisticated, wearable art form. Since forming in 2008, the have produced many balloon art works based on the themes of "perception and quality". Most of all, the balloon dresses have fascinated many people through the intricacy of detail that suggests architectural qualities. Their daily fieldwork consists of searching for philosophical themes and interacting with people and objects, but their vision is constantly looking toward achieving essential harmony with their surroundings. 

The latex balloons are inflated and hand-woven in different directions both vertically and horizontally, creating a texture similar to fabric. The amount of air that goes into each balloon is pretty hard to estimate when adjusting the size and volume of the dress, but the 39-year-old artist has been working with balloons for 10 years. She startedher career as a florist, before switching to balloon art and opening her own studio.

Courtesy: Daisy Balloon