Atsuko Goto


Atsuko Goto is an artist born in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan. She studied materials and techniques of oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Atsuko Goto's illustrations are submerged in a cloudy haze, ethereal visions of otherworldly beauty. Working in watercolor and lapis lazuli on cotton, Goto investigates the fundamental relationships between humankind and nature, death, decay and regeneration. 

"Dreams are like strange stories, landscapes, our memory builds unconsciously. I draw what comes up from our unconscious, like hidden feelings reflected in our dreams. Since my studies in France (2007-2009), and also after experiencing the earthquake of March 2011 in Japan, I strongly felt, and was made aware of how the Japanese viewed selflessness, resignation and obedience as virtues. I feel that Japanese live in the middle of a wide emptiness, locked up inside their imaginary cocoon, calm and sincere, but quietly desperate. As a Japanese myself, I draw imaginary landscapes seen from the inside of this world."

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