Blake Kathryn Designs Playful Futuristic Concepts

The city of Los Angeles, the second-most populous city in the United States, after New York City. Are sirens real? Are there angels in this city? Maybe or maybe not. But there sure are unique gems that make this state like no place else. One of these priceless gems is Blake Kathryn a freelancer designer that has worked for various international clients like Adidas, Adobe, Microsoft, Warner Bros Records and much more. Her unique aesthetic design makes you wonder one or more thing about the universe. Preacher and professional of the concept of colouring outside the lines.

Her latest work displays an aesthetic palette of neon and metallic colours. Half sliced satin pineapples, glazed body parts, robotic heads, and hands that invite you to masturbate are some few things to mention of her superior work. The appearance of her artwork seems cybernated but the meaning of it goes way deep down. Her artwork has touched upon states of personality fragmentation, levels of consciousness, nostalgia, detachment, and self-love. Her one of a kind style is inspired by science fiction, surrealism, futurism, and abstraction.

You can have one or more of her designs and use it in your favourite clothes or handbags with her new collection of hard enamel pins. That include feminine delicate hands and pocket mirrors that are simultaneously video game controls and a disk cassette with an aesthetic look inspired in Salvador Dali clocks that is a must-have. Check out more of her artwork in her Tictail profile. 

All images, courtesy of artist: Blake Kathryn