Adam Martinakis Connects Spirit And Material Into Emblematic Scenes

Have you ever had that voracious need of doing something that you know that is wrong? A dark necessity that flows through your veins and floods your heart with a feeling of urgency. You know it is not right but at the same time you think; what could possibly go wrong? That might be the last idea that Adam and Eve had before eating that tempting apple. Adam Arthouros Martinakis recreates this emblematic part of the Primeval History written in the Bible. Our first ancestors according to the Jewish, Muslim and Cristian religious beliefs, are illustrated in different scenarios, Eve eating the apple with her lover Adam, surrounded with the mythological serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Two human hands made of threads compose the redesign of the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. There is an old folk that describes the existence of a red thread or fate that states that people connected by this thread are destined lovers regardless of any circumstance. This magical cord may starch or tangle through the pass of the years but it never breaks. This alludes to the connection that there is between Adam and Eve, and the one that is in every couple of their successors.

After Adam and Eve commit the most unforgettable sin, they are punished and expelled to the outside of the Garden of Eden, a world of sorrow, grief, lust, more prohibited desires and temptations, the actual physical world that we all know. Martinakis represents this with an enormous group of people submerged in water, squished together like sardines in a can with their hands up, asking for help. Just like the Jews screaming for mercy in the gas chambers in the concentration camps during the Second World War.

Another reference to the Creation of Adam is composed of a pregnant woman with a belly filled with light and energy. Touching with the tip of her index finger the tip of another index finger just across hers. There are several pieces showing couples fulfilled with passionate romance and love. But there is also a dark side, where he shows incarcerated lovers, bleeding, tied up to the same rope, suffering, condemned.

All images, courtesy of Adam Arthouros Martinakis