Alice Berg

Alice Berg was born in Ukraine and has been photographing fashion and art for 4 years now. She started her career as photographer after receiving two degrees: in Environmental Studies and Environmental Economics.

Alice had always the need for artistic self-expression, but she did not have opportunity up until she was 26 years old. While travelling with her family from place to place she learned that her rescue would be to do something she was passionate about. Now, Alice Berg is primarily working in Paris, focused on editorial fashion and beauty stories. It inspired her, like many other talented photographers, writers, and painters. She experimented a lot with stylisme first, but she realized she wanted to represent a fashion that is timeless and inspiring. At that point it was almost inevitable to bring an art element to her work. Alice has been inspired a lot with cultures and ethnics at preserved their uniqueness over time and emphasized the power of nature. It became a central force driving her to continue. She became so inspired by nature landscapes, animal and floral life that she felt necessary to travel to woods and mountains as much as possible to get the energy and inspiration from within. 

All images: Alice Berg