Brian Smith

LA based artist, Brian Smith, has an instantly recognizable painting esthetic. His dark futurescapes emanate an aura that is both beautiful and alien. Working both in the figurative realm and the abstract arena, he channels a consistent sense of vast expansiveness, even in his smaller works. The inspiration for his transformative painting’s subjects come from a variety of sources. His wondrously complex background environments and more abstract executions remind me of an interconnected cellular world with a complex nerve center of firing synapses.

Some of his hypnotic portraiture communicates a subject frozen in a state of metamorphosis- as if simulating the moment of impact from an intense explosion, or the warping effects of time travel, or the painful reconfiguration of a being in a state of shape shifting. Brian’s paintings transport you to a place that is feels cold and isolated. Although I greatly enjoy visiting this foreboding place, it is not an environment I would want to be trapped inside.

All images: Brian Smith