Sculpture and Installation Art by Claire Morgan

Visual artist Claire Morgan was born in Belfast, now she is living and working in London. After graduating in 2003, Claire has exhibited her works internationally. She is an artist with a close connection with the nature and her sculptures are a clear sign of this. The artist likes to focus not only on the natural world, but also on areas where boundaries cannot be clearly defined. The fascinating universe is composed by suspended animals, birds and insects that could appear to fly or to rest. The presence or absence of gravity leads them to life or death. To each work Claire gives a title, which is playing a fundamental role.

Every title makes references to historical or contemporary popular culture, could be words from title of film or books being manipulated and adapted to the artwork. The title and the work are combined in such way to create desirable ambiguity and create confusion into the viewer. The working process is very sophisticated and includes thousands of individual elements. It is important that in the end all these elements transform into a form characterised by clarity. " I do not wish the animals to provide a narrative, but rather to introduce an element of movement, or energy, or some sort of reality; animating or interacting with the larger architectural forms", says Claire. 

All images: Claire Morgan