Cristina Coral

Cristina Coral is an Italian self-taught photographer. She grew up in an artistic ambient as her father, Giacomo Coral, is a renowned composer. Her childhood has been influenced by art and music, developing in her a creative vision. Cristina decides to pursue the artistic path as a photographer in 2012. 

Cristina loves experimenting with light, colours, space, and female figures to create poetic photographs. At the first glance, the images seems to be rather static, but they embody a rich story behind every singular detail. The muses, which are mysterious young ladies, are captured by the artist in a minimal environment. An essence of fragility and loneliness are dominating most of Cristina's photographs, but it is up to the viewer to study and capture the hidden narrative behind these enigmatic scenography.

All images, courtesy of photographer: Cristina Coral

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