Dindi Van der Hoek

At first glance her images may seem fairytale paintings, but in reality Dindi Van Der Hoek is shooting under water. Dindi studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy & the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During the years she has developed a rich photographic portfolio. 

Through her camera she allows us to have a look into a mysterious almost unconscious world, where multiple interpretations may co-exist: “I transform these human figures by dressing them in clothing that resembles a mythical or fairy tale world."

The rippling plain of the waters surface provides with an unique duality. Reflection, visual distortion and movement of water are are all playing a fundamental role in the construction of the image. Dindi keeps all under control, in fact she carefully crafts each shooting set and even more she designs and makes the costumes of her models.

Courtesy: Dindi Van Der Hoek