Eugene Pylinsky Turns Flowing Codes Into Visually Impressive Works

Eugene Pylinsky, aka Pylik on Instagram, is a visual artist, motion designer and art director from Ukraine. His digital creations are an intriguing artistic elaboration of flowing codes into visually impressive graphics. Eugene has been involved in numerous collaborative projects. In 2016 he worked alongside the Kiev based studio Front Pictures to create visuals for Jamala, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The characters in Eugene Pylinsky video are most of the time mysterious individuals without a well defined form. By adding curious effects to these bodies the artist manage to capture the viewer’s attention. The observer find himself immersed into a new dimension, where the only rules played are the data manipulation and creativity. Million of particles are defining our human feature translated into time frames. The artist uses the programming language to speak out his vision and ideas into a hypnotic manner. Each of Pylik animation concept is thought and executed meticulously.

All videos courtesy of artist: Eugene Pylinsky