Hedi Xandt

Graduating in Communications Design in early 2013, Hedi Xandt is a Hamburg-based artist of Norwegian descent whose work possesses a neoclassical sensibility. Evoking the spirits of the old gods, he remixes them into his own aesthetic via modern fabrication techniques. Key works including God of the GroveThe Longer You Last, and Apollo Ray, are sublime effigies offering venerable artistry with the sensibility of the modern world.

Xandt employs gold, inserted nails, custom-made perspex fixtures, brass and polymer to create an usual and arresting reinterpretation of 18th Century iconography. His sculptures are dark, elegant, and strangely minimal despite their spectacular contsruction. “So, ever since the age of I don’t know how old I was back then, I have a strong affection not only towards creating artwork,” says Hedi. “But also a deep interest in the technologies that are used in process.” Refusing to limit himself to one category of artistic expression, Heidi's exceptional skill as a visual designer has also led him onto an impressive series of major collaborations with the likes of Lancome, Chanel and Apple. 

All images: Courtesy of Hedi Xandt