Humantropy by Philip Ob Rey

Philip Ob Rey is a french multimedia artist and proteiform Craftsman based in Iceland.Originally raised by the Parisian Haute-Couture ,he met the world of the japanese minimalistdesign and architecture in his early twenties.After few years, determined, he traveled in France, sharingwith old wise workers many ancient technics of arts and crafts.Aware of the signals from the traditions and the future, passing through his collaboration with Avant-Garde designers, Philip Ob Rey stays close to the "antique" world, feeling the necessity of developping the perfectbalance between Art and Handcraft.

Philip Ob Rey proposes in the flesh of photography installations, videos, sounds, a universe pregnant with symbolism. His living things transmogrify the future into a landscape where Man isn’t the master any longer, and where chaos reigns: Humantropy.

Artist | Philip Ob Rey