Hype Cycle Series: When Will Machines Achieve Human Agility?

For those who doesn't hear about Universal Everything, it is a creative studio which is exploring the future of human expression. They are a group of artists from different fields with a common passion for art. They are creating innovative animations and new immersive experience for the displays of the future. The list of their clients are prestigious brands worldwide. Hype Cycle is one on the recent work series the studio had worked upon.

Hype Cycle is a futuristic film series which explores the interaction between a human and a machine with the help of emerging technologies. The second part of this series is entitled Machine Learning. It is based on the past studio experiments with studies on movement, and question when the machines will reach the human agility? 

The film is set in a spacious dance hall, where the main protagonist, a dancer, is teaching robots a series of movements. Once the agility of the robots evolves, starts a physical dialogue between the dancer and the machine. It is no more just imitating but it becomes a kind of competition between the two dancers. These interactions between the human and machine are inspired by the graphics obtained by Gartner Research

The main questions this experiment is studying are: Is the robot able to follow the dancer moves? At what exact point the robot is outdoing the human? Could ever a robot exhibit for the only reason of pleasure? To name a robot means giving it a soul?


All images:  Universal Everything