Ilona D. Veresk

Ilona D. Veresk was born in Izhevsk (Russia), in 1993, where she finished the Art lyceum. At 18 years old she moved to Moscow to follow her dreams. She started her path in visual artistry from photo manipulations. The desire to get more control of her images, making them more qualitative and unique, drove her to work with the photography. When she started to work in a studio she sew costumes and make some props for her friends. Some of the pictures (dark and surreal art) were represented on her debut personal exhibition in Moscow, "Victims" in November 2015. Afterwards she changed her approach and attitude to the photography and started to work with high fashion projects as a photographer, producer and art director. 

Ilona gets inspiration from nature, in dense morning fogs, in colorful meadows, in murky swamps, in majestic mountains and bitter berries. She works as an art director and a producer of her own surreal fairy tales, she works by herself with light, pre- and post production. Sometimes she makes clothes and accessories for her art shoots. Currently she makes an advertising photography for different brands, lookbooks and campaigns, fashion and beauty editorials for magazines. Since 2017 she have been supported by strong companies like Broncolor and Wacom.

All images: Courtesy of photographer, © Ilona D. Veresk

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