Ivan Alifan Paintings Incite To Explore Sensuality

When talking about sex we all might have similar mental images, based on what we have experienced or on what we have watched on the internet. Who would think that it could be possible to represent something as complex as sex with melting ice cream and on top of it make it look so desirable? Ivan Alifan is the mastermind that came up with a luscious collection of oil canvas that will provoke you to eat your dessert, and if you already have eaten it, have a second taste.

With a naked eye, you will see milk and ice cream, but this collection is way more than that. It begins with an exploration of the modern visual communications, with a desire of changing the everyday idea of what seduction, sex, lust and any other erotic related topic might look like. Ivan changes the usual conception that we all have kept in our brains regarding sensuality and makes us go deep down in our souls. While observing this series of smooth oil canvas you don’t know if you want to eat ice cream, yourself, your partner or the painting itself. It so brilliantly polished that you can feel the soft texture of ice cream as you submerge your fingers in it, just by looking at it.

Judging by the faces of the models, you would declare under oath they are having the best sex of their lives, but in reality, they are just covered up by ice cream. And who can actually say that the times that you have been all covered up by milk, haven't been the most pleasant moments of your life under the sheets? In essence, as soon as you see this steamy pieces of art, you would want to do what it is being done in them. Unless you can control yourself.

All images, courtesy of artist: Ivan Alifan