Jeremy Geddes' Surreal Paintings

Jeremy Geddes was born in Weellington, New Zealand. In 1993 he starts his studies at The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Once graduated, Jeremy starts working as a full time painter in 2003.He is most well known for his paintings of cosmonauts and people floating, falling, colliding and drifting in empty landscapes. 

The paintings emerge from a methodical process, in which Geddes creates and exhaustively reworks preliminary studies of composition, tone, and color that he then translates large-scale through layers of grisaille, opaque color, and modulated glaze. Despite the dramatic suggestion of narrative, Geddes intends his paintings to be ambiguous and subjectively experienced. “I’m trying to leave the to interpretation, whilst juxtaposing enough disparate elements to make some sort of interpretation necessary,” he says. “I’m keen to never give enough clues to block any potential explanation the viewer might bring. I want to spark questions, rather than answer them.”

Artist | Jeremy Geddes