Josan Gonzalez

If you are fascinated by cyberpunk and science fiction then Josan Gonzalez is the artist that will definitely capture your attention. Being born in Spain, Josan starts reading comics since he was a teenager and this will influence later his artistic aesthetic. His main influences were the great masters such as Moebius, Geof Darrow, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hiroaki Samura, etc. Initially he adopted a more painterly style which evolved later in a linework. Despite being always passionate about art he never thought it will make a real career from it. He succeed into publishing his own books and working for big names such as Dark Horse and Boom Studios.

The public is considering Josan's works as being part of cyberpunk genre, but the artist doesn't like to really classify them. He enjoy creating illustrations without established rules, just giving shape to a futuristic world. Many of Gonzalez characters are linked by cables, which are a perfect metaphor for linkage human-technology. For a lot of artwork the artist gets inspiration from religious imagery, providing his characters with Catholic and Hindu symbols. This is due in part because Catholicism was very present in Spain, many of its aspects are natural for the artist. Another feature of his works is the presence of control, people are addicted to technology which keeps them repressed. Even if the artist explores different social questions his main goal remains the illustration and making it interesting and timeless.

All images: Courtesy of artist, © Josan Gonzalez

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