Juliette Bates


The photographer Juliette Bates was born in 1983 in Paris, where she lives and works. In 2007, she earned a master’s degree Reserach in Art History from University Paris X with a dissertation about the photography of fairground freaks at the end of Nineteenth century, in France and in the United States. Juliette decided to devote her time to taking and printing her own photos. She graduated from the Icart Photo school in 2011. With a pronounced taste for graphics, curiosities and scenes instilled with an absurd element, she explores photographic themes that appeal to her: the confrontation of man and nature, the passing of time, a certain fragility.

Juliette did a series of very conceptual photos, entitled “Histoires Naturelles”. The series tell us a story of an anonymous character, who we only discover through fragments of images of a face or delicate hands, but who invites us, and at the same time, avoids us.
This character is a collector, a classifier, an organizer, who tends to understand and defy the inexorable circle of life. The spectral and androgynous figure, wrapped in black velvet, takes us on a calm but impossible quest. Through these searches and failures, the photographer possibly invites us to question our own fragile and unstable human condition.

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