Kamilla Hanapova

Kamilla Hanapova is a freelance photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. Self-expression through photography is not just her hobby, but a necessity, an integral part of her self-awareness. Experiments, mixing of classical photography, the canons of composition and frame construction with non-traditional methods of processing are the basis of her work. She believes that a creative persons should set goals that are above their head, only so they can discover something new and improve their knowledge and skills.

Through photography Kamilla is always trying to say something, to express, to show from a new point of view, sometimes even to call for something, touching actual world problems or universal "eternal" themes. "Everyone has their own world, which can be shared with other people, to show the habitual image from a different angle, after which it can play in completely different colors. I believe that it is not important whether a photographer, artist, sculptor or musician... this is just a way to talk. The main thing is to have something to say", states Kamilla.

All images, courtesy of photographer:  Kamilla Hanapova

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