Kinetic Mecaniks by Patrice Hubert

French sculptor Patrice Hubert is a self-taught artist renowned for his elaborate Kinetic Mecaniks. This series of sculptures was born from a fusion of metalworks, lights and motion and is reminiscent of insects, birds and carnivorous plants that might exist in a distant, futuristic world.

Early in Hubert’s career, stage shows and events provided a platform on which his other-worldly inflatables could be showcased. As his knowledge in programming advanced, so did his work.The addition of motors, rotating parts and lights infuse movement and life into his 4th dimensional sculptures.

Hubert cuts, bends and welds (mainly steel) into intricate shapes using geometry inspired by nature, fusing the organic with the mechanical.The artist’s obsession with dates and numbers is revealed by “serial number” titles engraved into the work. This numeric classification systematically strings his Kinetic Mecaniks together.

Hubert’s wife, artist Manu Van H, takes part in the creation by either incorporating her own paintings on the sculpture or by engraving the pieces of metal. Totally immersed in their art, they both live and work in the small village of Molac, located in Brittany, France.

Since 2003, Hubert has participated in more than 130 shows and festivals in France, Europe and in the United States. This summer a collection of his recent works will be on exhibit at the Château de Belcastel as well as at Boom Festival in Portugal, the European equivalent of Burning Man.

Contact Artist: Patrice Hubert