Kit King

Kit King (born 1987) is an emerging contemporary artist, currently living and working in the French Canadian countryside of Curran, Ontario. 

"My paintings are reflections of identity and intimacy within the ephemeral visual relationships around us. Using predominantly oil paint as a medium, I use a combination of smooth hyperreal renderings and often the antithesiszed texturally focused impasto work, to create sensitive portraits that capture fleeting moments that affect our emotional state from a singular glance, under the aegis of a heightened sense of reality and textural dimension. 

My current body of works are vulnerable expressed forms and portraits that serve to share the intimate -and often emotional- artist introspection with the viewer. With a focus on light, form and dimension, the works express how these elements can alter the relationship of a viewer and subject; with the goal being to provide and entrance for the audience to one transient moment of connection.

I do not merely want to capture an image, but rather breathe a vital life force into transformed renditions of the world around me. I want my works to evoke a deep sense of emotion, influenced not only from an in-depth tangibility executed through a high level of detail, but married with a sincere passionate portrayal of contemporary art."

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