Kyuin Shim

If you see for the first time Kyuin Shim works you with thing that they are real sculptures, indeed they are digital elaborations. Through these deformed bodies the artists is trying to represent the continuous struggling of a human being. To realise the sculptures Shim is using only the PC and a 3D rendering software. The two most important series are titled 'Intersection', 'Black Black' and 'Small Place'. 

'Intersection' is a romantic sculpture which represents two lovers pouring water between one another, in fact instead of heads they have bowls. This series are different from others as the viewer doesn't perceive anxiety, but only calm and peace. Instead the digital creatures of the other two series, 'Black Black' and 'Small Place' are deformed mannequins used as metaphors for human inner states. 

All images, courtesy of artist: Kyuin Shim

Artist •• Kyuin Shim

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