Le Nevralgie Costanti

Mirko Rossi is an Italian artist, known as Le Nevralgie Costanti or Nevre. First he was drawing in black and white, inspired by the poetic techniques of Miyazaki and Moebius. Later when he discover Giger, the father of alien, he is fascinated by the subconscious world. Another relevant source of inspiration has always been the music, which played an important role in artist's life.

His figures, fragile and delicate as flowers, are unstable bodies composed of vegetal forms, veins and non-biological organs. They are a perfect example of a psychic alienation, a constant mutation of being, stratification of bodies, complex and non-human. He has exhibited in various spaces in Italy and abroad. He participates in various collections with the Kunst Kabinet gallery, in Berlin. In 2015 he start exhibiting his works at Blu Gallery (Bologna) with whom he still collaborates.

All images, courtesy of artist: Le Nevralgie Costanti

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