Louise Kwon Paintings Bring An Indisputable Feeling Of Desolation

Louise Kwon's artwork incites the viewer two look a little bit deeper. The Korean young artist started her studies in the Sejong University located in the beautiful city Seoul, also her place of birth. With her first exhibitions in 2008 in South Korea she starts an up and coming career. In Melancholia she shines out her incredible skills in realistic photo painting. With a collection of youngsters that are not having the best time of their lifes, or at least not in the emotional form. With a soft texture and creamy look, these paintings cause an indisputable feeling of desolation, loneliness, hopelessness and misery. The young boys and girls look consumed as if a vampire just sucked all of their energy. Empty as if they first love has left them in a desert zone of unpleasant thoughts and bleakness. Most of the compositions show beautiful girls with a sleepy or lost look in their eyes. If the soul is well seen through the eyes, they have no soul. They represent the death of something rather than the physical body. You can see their faces but it’s almost like they are not there.

A collection of red canvas with an impression of a violent environment, starts the beginning of a world of melancholia. Showing a young, simple style looking girl, with a glimpse of innocence looking to the eyewitness with heartache and solitude. Kwon portray different girls. Some of them show an air of innocence and others a sense of lust, avarice and pride. But all of them have something similar and that is the lost gaze in their faces, the desperation of not feeling capable to do anything at all.

It almost seems like the portraits were executed in chronological order. Starting with a broken heart, going to a stage of blindness or lack of awareness, followed by a feeling of magnificence, glory and greed. Never letting go of the sorrowful sense. It goes from frozen tears in their left eyes, with cold backgrounds, holding snowflakes in their naked hands, to a complete covered look, using gloves to hold the same snowflakes. Oscillating between seduction and depression.  Ending with the habit of using bandages all around their bodies. To make easier the excessive pain that is being experienced. To cover the huge holes that make their eyes look adrift.

 All images, courtesy of artist: Louise Kwon