Lucian Stanculescu

Lucian Stanculescu Is a computer scientist and artist from Romania. He received his PhD in Computer Graphics from Université de Lyon, France, where he developed models for digital sculpting, such as the prototype Freestyle. After more than 15 years of work in 3D graphics, programming, and art Lucian founded Neobarok 

Neobarok represents a 3D modeling software aimed at artists and users of all levels. It allows you to quickly give shape to your artistic, design, or engineering ideas, to create highly complex objects using a relatively simple toolkit. For now Neobarok exports objects in the common OBJ format, which can be transformed in specific formats for 3D printing (STL) with free online tools. In time, the tools for 3D printing will be directly available inside the software.

The software is free and the goal is to keep it free by crowdfunding its development and rewarding the backers with custom 3D models, materials, and art prints created in it. 

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