Mad Dog Jones Is Fascinated By Asian Culture

Michah Dowbak, aka Mad Dog Jones on Instagram, is a Toronto based illustrator. His art is a selection of ideas passing through his brain and translated into the digital world. For his sci-fi artworks, the artist often draws inspiration from observing societies ever increasing dependency on technology. Exploring themes of tech, love and friendship, his art is a modern farewell card to the past. The creative process is elaborated and keen on details.

Initially, Dowbak collects images on his iPad pro, creating collages, afterwards he focuses to realise a new work. Asian culture has always fascinated him, especially the lettering, he uses them to give a cyberpunk touch and mysteriousness to images. Working closely with other visual artists and musicians in Toronto as 1/4 of the 'sideways' art collective Mad Dog Jones, Shan Vincent de Paul, Coleman Hell & La+ch are building a community of boundary pushing artists.

All images, courtesy of artist:  Mad Dog Jones