Miho Hirano

Miho Hirano obtained her degree from the Musashino Art University in Kodaira, western Tokyo, in 2008. She began her professional career soon after her graduation creating a series of paintings portraying beautiful young women that often appear at one with their natural environment. Heroines of her paintings are delicate and alluring women whose hair flows into flowering tree branches, bird-filled bushes, and drifting seaweed. Often associated with youthfulness and beauty, hair plays a significant role in every women’s life, and it takes a centre stage in the artist’s oeuvre. She uses it to portray various attitudes and emotional interpretations of women, including her own alter ego.

Miho Hirano creates outstanding surreal pieces featuring female subjects bathing in natural elements. The hair of these young nature goddesses is adorned by pastel flowers, butterflies, goldfish, and hummingbirds. Her paintings are unique in that most works portray a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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