Narciss: Artificial Intelligence Questions Human Self-Awareness

The mystery of human brain has always fascinated scientists, artists and philosophers. Giving an explanation to what means consciousness is a struggling question until now. With the installation Narciss, artist Waltz Binaire is trying to decode what are a robot thoughts while looking at itself in a mirror. The project was inspired by Alan Turing's concept of imitation. The only goal of the robot is to analyse itself and formulate a synthetic explanation of self-awareness. Narciss employs scientific knowledge to question about human existence; to show how people looks at their own portraits in a mirror, but never fully understand themselves.

Narciss is a robot which is using  Google’s Tensorflow framework to reflect on its physical features. For this installation of Waltz Binaire uses a round mirror and a computer. Even if the viewer is invited to meditate upon the interaction of artificial intelligence and the mirror, it is excluded from this internal loop. The digital consciousness of Narciss is translated into algorithms that display the human self-awareness. This collaboration between human and machines helps investigating our mental model.

All images: Waltz Binaire