Phazed Hypnotic Art Overflows In Erotic Shades Of Purple

Sensual hypnotic art, overflown in erotic shades of purple. A collection of luminous illustrations based in two striking colours; pink and blue. Could it be in honour to the bisexual community? Or is it because of the exquisite zest that this two induce into the viewer's eyes? Monika Bermans might know the right answer to this skeptic incertitude. The dawn of this multidisciplinary artist started in Italy in 2008 with a master degree in Science in Philology and Italian literature. Ascending in the world of the arts, she took off her career in Advertising Art Direction, Typography and Illustration and her most recent grade in Makeup Artistry in the London College of Fashion. Her undeniable dedication to the design, fashion and media industry, displays in this incandescent set of electromagnetic artwork.

Steamy scenes of women and men in dark atmospheres, merging into the deep layers of love. Lonely naked girls, radiating a taste of sensuality that you could collect with your bare hands like coins tossed in the street. A pawn-like minuscule representation of a man and a cat in a gigantic world. Distinct pieces of illustrated felines covered up by flowers, playing video games or just being showed in their absolutely adorable natural form. Portraits for various influential people like the stand-up comedian, podcast host and businessman Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, another business magnate. Psychedelic covers for the lo-fi hip-hop mixes of Akira the Don that synch perfectly with the pronounced high and low notes of the tune. Pornographic gifs that will get you psyched right at the moment.

Eye-catching colours amped up with brightness, radiating around the area of the hands and feet and in the middle of the forehead. It is arduous to overlook the recurrence of this dazzling colours and it might be possible that the concentration of them in those specific areas is due to the electromagnetic fields that are created by our bodies every time that we touch something. Humans are biological electrical chemical beings, we are made up of cells, which are made up of atoms and atoms are basically empty space with a dense nucleus surrounded by probability waves.

Each atom has its own electric field. When two different atoms are close together, they can mess with the electric field of the other. Whenever we touch another electric body, our atoms change position, just like dancers begin dancing when the music starts to play, and the waves surrounding the nucleus get altered. So, that might be the reason as of why there is a sense of movement beneath the skin in the model’s hands and feet. Seeking for a more spiritual significance, it could also be related with the etheric energy field, which is an extension of the physical body and contains seven energetic bodies. Within this extension, there are seven chakras, corresponding to each energetic body. One of them is the third eye chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead. Barring from all of this innocent presumptions, Monika’s artwork and its profound connotation, shared in "Phazed" Tumblr site, is worth a close-up view.

All images: Phazed