With Project Aero You Can Create Immersive AR Content

Adobe has always focus on empowering innovative mediums to meet the needs of professionals in exhibiting their creativity. By introducing their new augmented reality tool, Project Aero, Adobe aim to overcome the gap between the real and digital world. 

Easy to create AR desings

The Project Aero will allow designers to create immersive AR experiences by using already implemented tools like Adobe Photoshop CC and Dimension CC. For the first time the users will be able to control their AR works in physical space, making them appear more fluid. Providing these exciting experiences to public will result to be easy as Adobe had built a cloud service just for Project Aero. Even if this is a new tool it is based on the same assets that professionals have always created like video, images and 3D content. An important consideration is that the developed skills with Project Aero will help move forward AR into our daily life.

The AR now a reality

The emerging technologies will allow us to live a deep connection between the real and digital world. All these new media will be very stimulating. You will go to a restaurant and you will be able to see how you favourite dish are taking life in front of you to be selected. Or imagine to decorate your house and you will be able to experiment with different designs before purchasing the right piece of furniture. Watching a film will be a next level experience as you will have the actors sitting in your room. 

Just imagine to live any past moment and place you desire in real time. Many of these thrilling events are already happening today, the evolving technology will lead to digital experiences that will not be linked anymore only to mobiles, computers and TV. Like the storytelling has passed from the printed version to the digital one the same will be with AR, which will close the gap between our devices and our senses. It is creating new challenges and opportunities for the next generation of creatives.

All images: Adobe