Seo Young Deok's Incredible Sculptures From Chains

Seo Young Deok is a South Korean artist, in 2009 he graduates from the department of Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul. What is interesting about his works is the fact they are realised from bicycle chains. Behind every piece, which is inspired by the shapes of human body, stays a deeper meaning. Through his work, he exposes today’s reality with all its problems and pitfalls.

Thus, his body of work has a strong sociological meaning that reflects upon the fragmented world we live in. Some of his pieces lie on the ground and some of their parts are fragmented as if they have been broken. The artist, in that sense, tries to capture the struggle of his subjects. The body is the form of a temple where the artist draws spiritual inspiration. Therefore, by breaking it down into pieces and sewing it back in circumstances of stress, this clearly indicates his position on the man of today and his state of mind. That, in combination with the industrial materials implies a statement in terms of this distress evident in the human forms as a comment on today’s industrial and the manufactured world.

Courtesy: Seo Young Deok