Suru Denise Transforms Real Places Into Dreamy Worlds

Suru Denise is an young artist born and raised close to Frankfurt, Germany. During her childhood she spent most of her time drawing, playing computer games and watching films, which afterwards influenced her artistic aesthetic. Driven by her passion to create, Denise decides to pursue her studies in Art. At school she focuses on two main fields, which are traditional art and art history. It is during her first visit to Japan that Denise discovers her deep affection and interest in architecture, nature and pastel tones. The travel experiences that followed left an important imprint on her professional career. Each time she visited a new place, Denise tried to keep vivid the memories and translate them eventually into personalised digital art. Most of the images she recreates are inspired from her real adventures. By adding fictional details Denise transforms these places into fantasy worlds. Her primary objective is to give viewers a sentiment of warmth and familiarity, regardless they have not visited these destinations.

Denise additionally works in the video games industry to design and market video game trade. She is presently working at her own collection. Aside from illustration, she is interested into film making, while travelling she is very enthusiast to document these moments by taking photographs.

All images, courtesy of the artist: Suru Denise