The 'BlackSheep Project-The Outcast' By Augusto Ribeiro E Silva

'BlackSheep Project - The Outcast' was entirely conceptualised by Augusto Ribeiro E Silva, from the first sketches to the final renders. The idea behind the project was to create a sci-fi character that contains human elements and accessories. Through its futuristic design, the artist tries to break the bridge between humans and robots.

The main character, Black Sheep, finds himself locked up in a sort of machine when he wakes up. By looking around he notices that he is surrounded by thousands of robots similar to him, but they are still asleep. He realises that he is the only one that managed to wake up. When he breaks free from the machine, he tries to look for his previous life. He recalls of a cyber gang that he used to hang out with and starts investigating. After 2 years of research he finds his old gang, but he is surprised when he finds meanwhile a clone took his place.

The main theme of 'BlackSheep Project - The Outcast' is about being an outcast in a society and the idea of the government trying to dictate what's is right and wrong by manipulating people or robots with free will. In fact Black Sheep is initially unplugged from the project, because he was showing interest in being part of the gang, becoming part of something. "The best way to be an infiltrator is to not even know that you are one.", says Augusto

All images, courtesy of artist: Augusto Ribeiro E Silva