The Impossibility of Love by Alessandra Kila and Philip Rusharc

Alessandra Kila is an artist and photographer, who graduated from the University of Westminster in Photographic Studies. She is more than s conventional photographer, she loves to experiment into her images with science and art. Alessandra is inspiring from nature and fantasy, c reating ethereal and surreal scenes. Her dreamy landscapes are figuring sculptural objects. The colors are dark but the rose nuance still gives to the image a vibrant effect. 

In ‘The Impossibility of Love’ Alessandra collaborated with another artist Philip Rusharc and retoucher Recom Farmhouse. The series is a storytelling featuring fantastical lands and looking for possibility boundaries. The artists are studying what is influencing humans to let everything go in order to follow their desire. They find inspiration from the surrealistic concept of L'Amour Fou. Their style is a juxtaposition of classical drawings, sci-fi and fantastical illustration.

Creatively Directed and Photographed by Alessandra Kila and Philip Rusharc

Retouching by Recom Farmhouse