The Xteriors series by Desiree Dolron

Born in 1963 in Haarlem (The Netherlands), Desiree Dolron lives and works in Amsterdam. Desiree is a unique and versatile artist. Her oeuvre ranges from documentary images and still lives to portraiture and architectural photography. While she chooses to adopt different photographic approaches depending on the body of work, her astonishingly technical application always results in a timeless, and almost painterly quality.

The Xteriors series (2001-2013) is influenced by the subject of representation and image making in a historical context. In this series Dolron continues her study of time, or more precisely the moment of time between being and not being. The dream world of a child (and especially a recurring dream she herself had when she was young) is at the core of Xteriors. It is not the narrative that is most important, but rather the mysteriousness and the subtle disorienting effect of the image that imprints itself in the viewers mind.

A key element in this process is the use of color composition and especially light, similar to the painting process of classical portraiture she greatly admires, applied layer by layer, pixel by pixel, during the digital finishing of these works. This slow and laborious process is fundamental to the realization of her work. This offers her the time and opportunity to create an image that is both painterly and photographic.

All images © Desiree Dolton