This Tsuyoshi Anzai Device Enables To See Objects As Illusory Video Images

Tsuyoshi Anzai is a mixed media artist who invents structures machines that stimulates our imagination. To create these devices Anzai is mixing technology with items from our everyday life. By producing these installations the artists is trying to give an explanation to phenomena of this world beyond our control. All these machine components enable the viewers to analyse them from a different perspective. 

“New Video Player” is a device created by Tsuyoshi Anzai that stimulates audience to see items behind them as illusory video images. To obtain this simulation effect the artist is using a camera obscura. The attendees of the exhibition have to walk inside this device, which is similar to a box and inside are projected 3D images of objects. The fact that the viewer has no real contact with the objects he sees creates an unconventional perception of something between reality and illusion. To invent this device Tsuyoshi Anzai find inspiration from Plato’s philosophy and contemporary film Matrix, where the real world is not sensed by humans.

All images: Tsuyoshi Anzai