Fashion Visuals with 3D Scanned Models by Tobias Gremmler

Fabric and skin is translated into a digital mesh that acts like a dynamic membrane between body and the surrounding space. Like fashion, it constructs/deconstructs identity and becomes a media that propagates information in form of textures, patterns and shapes. The work visualizes this underlying forces in forms of threads weaving together and tearing apart fragments of cloth and skin. Exhibited as scenographic media installation at Osage Gallery during HK|Runway.

Organised by Osage Art Foundation and The Hong Kong Design Institute, HK|Runway! is an unconventional multidisciplinary project in which fashion is redefined as multifaceted enterprise and artistic process. By juxtaposing garments, design, art, music, choreography, and architecture, HKIRunway! moves beyond the traditional givens of a fashion week-catwalks.