Vlada Mirkovic

Vlada Mirkovic` is a representative of a fantastic figurative confession in Serb Art, a composer of a self-created and personified visual myth. He is an obvious lunar painter, a kind of storyteller expressing himself in paintings.

It is impossible to omit and reject certain literary aspect in the domain of fantastic painting. This visual alchemist of an inner space balances between reality and daydream. Mirkovic`’s paintings is a closed work housing a universe of sand watches, seashells, dolls, keys, hangings, and small wooden chests being a symbol of harmoniae mundi. The space at his painting is esoteric underground more alike metaphysical embodiment than concrete metaphysical reality.

Vlada Mirkovic`’s painting emits the feeling of persecution, dreary loneliness and pettiness of human essence in the sand ocean that swallows everything. This artist paints the dark night of a soul discussed by mystics.