WanJin GIM

WanJin GIM is a Korean artist that is currently working and living in Seoul. He starts his career under the nickname "Willeys". In 2016 he begins sharing his artworks with SNS. His passion for drawing manifest itself since an young age. After graduating from Animation Department he realises that animation is not capturing him and chooses to work as a freelance filmmaker. Meanwhile the young artists practices painting and his desire to continue on this path becomes everyday more obvious.

Being fascinated by Lucian Freud's works WanJin GIM dedicates all his talent and fantasy to paint nudes in an abstract manner. He uses all the shades that human skin can have, evoking an elegant sensuality. Lately the artist is trying to develop a meta-physical concept, by expressing a spiritual dimension that goes beyond the physical body. The recent works are a perfect match between conceptual and abstract.

All images: WanJin GIM

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