The Enigmatic Works of Xhxix

YDK Morimoe aka Xhxix is a Japanese artist that is obsessed about his identity and this makes his art even more mysterious. If he manages remaining invisible as an artist, his works are speaking louder and can be easily identified. The characters of his works are most of the time portraits of young boys, who are pretty nostalgic and sad. The most intriguing consideration about his paintings is the use of the colors, a pale palette.

The prevalent emotions in his works are unhappiness, sadness and pain, maybe because they relate somehow to our life experiences. This suffering state is expressed very well through the eyes of the young men, they look absent. The characters are surrounded by basic elements like food and insects. They seem to be absent, maybe because they are under hallucination effect of some substance or they just meditate upon their future.

All images: xhxix

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