Yuichi Ikehata

Yuichi Ikehata is an artist established in Chiba, Japan. ‘Fragment of Long Term Memory’ is the series of works on which the artist has focused his imagination and technical mastery with materials in the recent years. In order to elaborate these surreal works, the artist creates surreal sculptures with metal, paper and clay. The sculptures represent human parts like heads, hands, and legs with wires coming out on the surface. Once they are technically ready, Ikehata takes them the photographs and post-product them digitally. The subjects become more real as they are added skin and hair.

The artist wants to enhance the public and make it reflect on what is real and what is not. This game of reality and not-reality is the main theme of the series. For the artists these futurist works are fragments of memory which collide with reality. Our human memory takes back scenes of our daily reality and then mixes them in the most imaginative way possible. Ikehata seems grasp pieces and immortalise by giving them physical form.

All images: Yuichi Ikehata