Florian Wowretzko SS16

“Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.”

Is it a desert or a white powdered landscape? Dry and soft, almost clinical? - Unusual for the typical Florian Wowretzko Aesthetic. But even in white, it remains dark. Florian was going into a research of straightjackets, bones, Yali Tribes and the book of Ezekiel to put together his Spring Summer Collection. A mixture of deconstructed sculptures, tribe influenced textiles and a well-known layering of different fabrics. A technique of angling & folding the material to receive clean edges and slits on each side are becoming trademarks in Wowretzko’s designs. 

Inspired by an ancient scripture in the Book of Ezekiel, heard in the 7th Symphony by Krzysztof Penderecki “Seven Gates of Jerusalem”, this collection creates a moving apocalyptic conception of clothing. It’s picking up on our time. Reflecting the zeitgeist with delicate fabrics and fragile colors of white and crème, paired with coated dark gray stretch denim. A clear, straight silhouette with clean lines is completed with balanced proportions. Velcro on straps are used for a functional way of closing and adjusting a jacket towards a body measurement. Leather loops laced up with waxed cord and ribbon arranged on each other like a cage. From tops to jackets; sweaters to trousers; the looks distinguishes with length and sleeves. Materials like lamb- & cow leather, see-through nylon, scuba & jersey are used in a functional, finished and easy way to wear.