VisualAtelier8 x Jane Kønig

Jane Kønig is a Danish jewelry designer that decides to found her own company in 1986. After graduating in 1989 from Danish Design Academy, Jane starts designing jewelry and accessories and now she is working full time as a goldsmith. 

Whimsical, adventurous and rockish are the main characteristics of Jane's style. Her jewelry could be identified as a bridge between past and present, as she likes to mix antique objects with modern materials and design. Objects such as roses made of chorale, antique precious stones, tortoise shell and ivory and other unique stuff bring life through Jane's hands. Significant of her style is also the clash between everyday objects and precious materials, badges with strong symbols executed in precious metal and diamonds, or series of bone and horn etc. 

Jane gets her inspiration on her numerous travels, where she also finds local materials and objects, purchase foreign strange matter and stuff in order to unity them with her own Scandinavian tradition later on. Since Jane founded her own company she is making a new bijouterie and silver collection 2 times a year, in Spring and Autumn. Apart from this she makes a collection twice a year with precious metal and stones.

Jane Kønig has exhibited her work at solo exhibitions in Øksnehallen at The National Museum of Denmark, at group exhibitions in Hyperhall at Øksnehallen and at the spring exhibition in Charlottenborg among mane other places. Her jewelry designs have also been utilized in fashion shows and have been displayed in numerous magazines and newspapers throughout the world.
Jane Kønig has received the Wonderful Copenhagen Design Award, The Golden Thimble and the Goldsmiths Sct. Loyd Award.

Designer | Jane Kønig

Art Concept & Photography | Dana Dimitras | Alexandr Tcaciuc | Amina Codraro