Concert Hall Of Blaibach

The Concert Hall of Blaibach, Germany, carries the signature of the study Peter Haimerl Architektur. The project is at the heart of urban development of the new center of Blaibach.The concert hall is located in the center of the country and is aconcrete "loner" inclined, whose facade is made entirely of granite to honor the tradition of local stone carvers.

The monolithic building, which opens to visitors in the new town square, guide them to the foyer "underground". The body of the building is made of prefabricated panels whose shape complicated was only possible thanks to a specially designed mold.Inside the hall, a series of angular layers overlap with an orientation to the stage below. LED bulbs are discretely integrated within the walls and ceiling, to produce gradients of indirect light across the unfinished and variably-textured concrete surfaces. 

The auditorium’s seating is intended to be visually transparent and seemingly floating, composed of steel wire chairs supported by slender fins beneath. The space’s stage has been designed for the particular conditions of musical performances, as opposed to being flexible for multifunctional purposes.

Courtesy: Edward Beierle

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