Bogányi-Sound Beyond Time

After 10 years of work, the Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi gave life to a revolutionary piano. A crew of the finest craftsmen and designers have combined to create this masterpiece, searching everyday to refine sound beyond time.

The new instrument design is based upon the movements and flows of classical music, with waves, curves and clean lines, pleasing the eye as it is to the ear. A feature is the more open design, with only two legs, to allow an additional bottom passage for the sound to reach the audience. It includes a revolutionary production technology of the new composite soundboard – more resistant to most exterior conditions, including heat, humidity, cold, damp and dryness. This keeps the quality of sound as stable as possible, holding its tune for longer.

The design also turns the piano into a piece of functional art and design. As spectacular architectural compositions have mastered the style of new performing arts centres and concert halls alike, the new approach to piano design may well enrich the tradition of instrument making.The Bogányi piano design is a unique answer to a shift in time and style.
It is a piano inspired by a pianist. With a deeper insight into the sound and quality that enriches the playing experience for both pianist and audience. This is the modern piano for the modern times. Through its new philosophy of sound the Bogányi piano is the bridge between past tradition and future.

DesignDana DimitrasComment