Mirror Houses by architect Peter Pichler

Mirror Houses are two adjoining guesthouses for short-term rent designed by Italian architect Peter Pichler. The architecture is situated in the middle of the nature outside the city of Bolzano, Italy. Pichler was asked by clients for maximum privacy, he chose to clad the west facades of the two blocks with mirrors so that they reflect the surrounding mountains, this makes them less visible.

The guests have beautiful open views of the landscape through large windows. Daylighting and natural ventilation help to minimize the use of energy. Each unit contains a kitchen-living room, a bedroom and bathroom with big opening skylights. Guests can fully enjoy the experience to live in the middle of nature.

If you are planning to escape from a busy live and experience an wonderful adventure you can book at www.mirror-houses.com

Courtesy: Peter Pichler

Photos: Oskar Da Riz