“Shiki 1 x The Abandoned Power Plant” by Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto, is a well-known artist celebrated for his creative achievements with bonsai trees. Last year he sent a 50 year old species into space for the exobiotanica project. The artist surprises us again with another great Bonsai display, this time inside an abandoned power plant.

In Charleroi, Belgium sits an abandoned power station, originally built in 1921 it remained operational for almost 90 years. In 2007 the station came under scrutiny for its massive carbon footprint and was decommissioned. Azuma Makoto installed inside Power PlantIm a bonsai tree suspended in mid-air by wires attached to a metallic frame and called it “Shiki 1 x The Abandoned Power Plant”. All of Azuma’s bonsai are carefully extracted from their earth, photographed, and then once again returned to their original position without harm.

Courtesy: Azuma Makoto